IT Staffing


Going beyond “qualified.”

Why do so many firms turn to The Connors Group for their IT staffing needs? Our network.

Over 20 years of providing specialized IT Staffing for firms in Retail, Media, Financial Services, BioTech, Consumer Package Goods and Non-Profit has enabled us to maintain relationships with an extensive universe of talented IT professionals including the most highly qualified in our regions.

Based on a thorough understanding of your specific needs, we will execute a recruiting strategy to identify only those candidates with the right experience. In addition, by virtue of our relationship, we can also provide access to those passive candidates whom we know are only available when approached in the proper manner.

By knowing our candidates in depth, and by pursuing a rigorous vetting process that includes mandatory reference checks, we work to consistently deliver not just qualified candidates but the ideal candidate for your needs.

We won't just leave it at that. We will also work with you and your new hire, assisting in the onboarding process to help make it a good fit for both parties.