Our Team

Your Success Is Who We Know!

Jackie Connors


Ken Peters


Sheri Breitstein

Managing Director,
Information Technology Recruiting

Patti Richards

Managing Director, Digital & eCommerce Recruiting

Barry Graff

Managing Director, Supply Chain Recruiting

Christine Appleton

Recruiting Director, Executive Search

Tricia Sentinella

Recruiting Director, Information Technology

Vanda Alves

Recruiting Director, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Sue McLean

Recruiting Director, Project & Program Management

Pattie Tsivouras

Recruiting Director, Information Security & Infrastructure

Nyree Anderson

Recruiting Manager, Information Technology

Kaitlyn McIlvaine Jones

Recruiting Manager, Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Steven Williams

Recruiting Manager, Supply Chain & Information Technology

Jordan Way

Senior Marketing Manager

Lindsey Raguette

Sales Support Manager

Benjamin Stevens

Candidate Engagement Manager

Keissy Gonzalez


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