5 Personal Branding Tips to Power Your Job Search

personal branding tips for job seekers

Standing out in today’s job market can be challenging– especially if you’re applying for upper management positions that heavily emphasize soft skills, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence. The key is telling your story about how you’ve impacted work lives while highlighting your unique skillset. Influencer Marketing Hub explains “Your personal brand is how you promote […]

The Key To Writing a Job Post That Captivates Candidates

writing a job post

Writing a job post that effectively piques the interest of the right candidate requires familiarity with what appeals to job seekers–and time. It could take anywhere from three hours to an entire day to craft the perfect listing. And, from there, it could require ongoing attention and additional revisions based on the level of candidate […]

Tame Your Talent Shortage Using the “4R” Strategy

talent shortage

Talent shortages have only become more prominent in 2022. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in January after the trend started in 2021– and there isn’t an end in sight. Growing skills gaps also make it more challenging to find talent and promote within. So, what […]

How to Write an Email to a Potential Employer

how to write an email to a potential employer

You’ve researched and evaluated the company. You’ve identified who you think could be a short list of hiring managers and now you’re ready to reach out. But, how can you be sure you’re crafting an email that will accurately depict your skillset, showcase your personality, and generate a response? Follow this 5-step method on how […]

Are Cover Letters Still Necessary?

cover letters still necessary

Whether or not to write a cover letter is a common debate in the job search arena. A good cover letter takes time and personalization, and sometimes the job description says it’s optional. So, have cover letters become obsolete? Are cover letters still necessary to include for every job application? According to a recent survey […]

The Future of Digital Workforce Transformation

digital workforce transformation

As important as it is for businesses to adapt to technological changes, it’s also important to grow your team with people who understand the landscape. Whether your team needs to be upskilled, restructured, or rebuilt, we’re sharing a few key roles to help drive successful digital workforce transformation outcomes.  Now more than ever, businesses are […]

5 Ways To Change Your Marketing Career Path

marketing career path

Marketing is a multi-faceted industry with endless opportunities for career growth. As a 475+ billion dollar industry, it’s no surprise that marketers often have different roles in different departments during their careers. If you feel you’ve achieved the highest success in your position or are ready to explore a new marketing career path, you’re in […]

5 Recruitment Strategies for Hard-to-Fill Positions

recruitment strategies for hard-to-fill positions

Recruiting the right candidate is never easy; however, some positions are harder to fill than others. Hard-to-fill positions are typically jobs that require a narrow skill set, a specific type of expertise, or demands within a particular niche. Recruiters often find it challenging to fill these vacancies because the talent pool is often much more […]

6 Signs a Company Is Well Managed

Signs a Company Is Well Managed

It’s often difficult to evaluate a company’s culture from the outside looking in. You can never be certain about what it’s like to work somewhere until you’re on the inside. Obviously, there are red flags to be aware of. However, there are also several positive signs a company is well managed. Take the following characteristics […]

Competitive Pay: What the Term Actually Means

competitive pay meaning

If you’re currently engaged in a job hunt, you’ve probably noticed the term “competitive pay” has become more prevalent. However, does the ambiguous nature of the term indicate the company doesn’t actually pay a competitive salary? We’re defining what this vague term means … along with our best advice on how to assess these types […]