5 Recruitment Strategies for Hard-to-Fill Positions

recruitment strategies for hard-to-fill positions

Recruiting the right candidate is never easy; however, some positions are harder to fill than others. Hard-to-fill positions are typically jobs that require a narrow skill set, a specific type of expertise, or demands within a particular niche. Recruiters often find it challenging to fill these vacancies because the talent pool is often much more […]

6 Signs a Company Is Well Managed

Signs a Company Is Well Managed

It’s often difficult to evaluate a company’s culture from the outside looking in. You can never be certain about what it’s like to work somewhere until you’re on the inside. Obviously, there are red flags to be aware of. However, there are also several positive signs a company is well managed. Take the following characteristics […]

Competitive Pay: What the Term Actually Means

competitive pay meaning

If you’re currently engaged in a job hunt, you’ve probably noticed the term “competitive pay” has become more prevalent. However, does the ambiguous nature of the term indicate the company doesn’t actually pay a competitive salary? We’re defining what this vague term means … along with our best advice on how to assess these types […]

Use This Excel Formula To Compare Two Job Offers

compare two job offers

Having to compare two job offers isn’t always easy but it’s a great problem to have! There are many variables to consider that go above and beyond just salary. Before accepting any offers, it’s critical to spend a little time outlining all the key factors. Here’s a complete list along with a handy Excel formula […]

Is Your Non-compete Agreement Enforceable?

Non-compete agreements are designed to help business owners prevent unfair competition between current and former employees for a certain period of time. According to The University of Chicago Press Journals, “approximately 18 percent of labor force participants are bound by noncompetes, with 38 percent having agreed to at least one in the past.” However, simply […]

12 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask Every Employer

“Do you have any questions for me?” is one simple question that often throws interviewees for a loop. Instead of feeling overwhelmed when this inevitable question comes your way, take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the company and its role. We’ve outlined 12 job interview questions you should ask for each stage […]

5 Ways To Create an Employee Focused Culture and Reduce Turnover

A survey from Lattice shared that nearly 52% of new hires who have been at their job for three months or less are looking to leave. And that figure jumps to nearly 60% for employees in the 3-6 month phase. These numbers underscore the importance of creating an employee focused culture. Here are five ways […]

What Sectors Are Hot Right Now?

While many factors have impacted the workforce in recent years, there’s one key aspect that will continue to drive change in the job market: Career paths are no longer linear. The world of work is ripe with new opportunities that may never have piqued your interest before. It’s an excellent time to consider exploring a […]

7 Potential Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired – And What To Do About It!

Job searching can be a humbling experience. Even the most skilled and accomplished candidates are sometimes eliminated or met with radio silence. However, with the right job search strategy, you can avoid falling into an endless pattern of submitting applications. Here are a few potential reasons you’re not getting hired, along with our best advice […]

What’s the Real Difference Between Onboarding and Orientation?

You may be asking: What’s the difference between onboarding and orientation? While the terms “employee orientation” and “employee onboarding” are often used interchangeably, there are some important distinctions to be made between the two. In fact, both initiatives are critical in creating a positive candidate experience with a new hire. Here’s the difference between the […]