6 Interview Strategies To Keep Your Candidates Engaged

interview strategies

Evaluating whether a candidate is qualified for a position can take weeks or months. In fact, the average hiring process takes around 43 days and involves conducting multiple rounds of interviews. Yet, according to the PwC Future of Recruiting Survey, “Sixty percent of candidates said the hiring process should take less than a month from […]

Is Two Weeks’ Notice Enough?

is two weeks' notice enough

In most cases, two weeks’ notice fulfills expectations and leaves relationships in good standing. However, sometimes two weeks is not long enough and there are exceptions that your new employer will understand. Here are a few examples: Your Contract Requires a Longer Notice Period Before you’ve decided to apply for new positions, revisit the contract […]

Your Guide To Sharing Post-Interview Feedback With Candidates

Your Guide To Sharing Post-Interview Feedback

One of the single most important steps in the hiring process is providing all candidates with post-interview feedback even if you’ve decided against hiring them right now. Why? Preparing and sharing post-interview feedback reinforces your positive reputation as an employer and strengthens long-term relationships with job seekers. It also creates an opportunity for candidates to […]

How to Explain Why You Left a Job

How to Explain Why You Left a Job

Leaving a job can be a difficult decision. It can be even more difficult to explain that decision to potential employers during an interview. As a job seeker, you might be a little unsure about how to position your departure from a previous employer. In this blog post, we review some excellent tips on how […]

5 Essential HR Recruitment Strategies for 2023

HR Recruitment Strategies

It’s the perfect time of year for hiring managers and human resources (HR) teams to look back and leap forward! As we enter 2023, we’re optimistic about the job market. Even amid economic concerns and tech layoffs, many employers are still competing for the best candidates. Consider implementing these essential HR recruitment strategies to find […]

How to Use Action Verbs for a Resume – With Examples

action verbs for a resume

When applying for jobs, each section of your resume must be strategically optimized to hook readers and give insight into your experience. Using powerful action verbs for a resume can help strengthen your case and allow you to stand out from other candidates. Learn why action verbs are so important and how you can use […]

5 Best Employee Onboarding Practices to Prevent New Hire Fallout

best employee onboarding practices

Candidates have been known to disappear even after they’ve accepted an offer and agreed to start on a specific date. In fact, a study by Indeed cites that in 2019 alone, 22% of new hires accepted a job offer but didn’t show up for their first day of work–oftentimes with little or no communication. So, […]

5 Personal Branding Tips to Power Your Job Search

personal branding tips for job seekers

Standing out in today’s job market can be challenging– especially if you’re applying for upper management positions that heavily emphasize soft skills, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence. The key is telling your story about how you’ve impacted work lives while highlighting your unique skillset. Influencer Marketing Hub explains “Your personal brand is how you promote […]

The Key To Writing a Job Post That Captivates Candidates

writing a job post

Writing a job post that effectively piques the interest of the right candidate requires familiarity with what appeals to job seekers–and time. It could take anywhere from three hours to an entire day to craft the perfect listing. And, from there, it could require ongoing attention and additional revisions based on the level of candidate […]

Tame Your Talent Shortage Using the “4R” Strategy

talent shortage

Talent shortages have only become more prominent in 2022. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in January after the trend started in 2021– and there isn’t an end in sight. Growing skills gaps also make it more challenging to find talent and promote within. So, what […]