Is a Newly Created Position Right for You?

Newly created positions can present a challenge to job seekers because the role has no track record or history. Many times, there’s no way to know how the position will evolve or how it will really fit into the company’s mission. With that said, a newly created role can also be incredibly advantageous to the […]

How To Use Reverse Goal Setting To Move Forward in Your Career

Whether you’re kicking off a new career or trying to score a promotion: Learning how to set goals will have a profound impact on the trajectory of your career. Setting goals will help keep you motivated, focused, and challenged. However, you’ll need a step-by-step plan to achieve your career goals and measure progress along the […]

The 4 Transferable Skills You Need to Succeed

If you’re thinking about a career change, you’re not alone – over half of the workforce is considering making a shift this year. If that’s the case, you may be wondering which skills will make you stand out from the crowd. The good news is: Even if you’re making a significant change, you probably have […]

The Growing Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace

The Growing Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace

While you may see the term “skills gap” thrown around a lot on LinkedIn, it’s more than a snappy phrase. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce has identified a significant shortage of soft skills in the workplace. The skills gap is defined as the difference between the skills that candidates have and the skills […]

Keys to Performing a Successful Self-Assessment


You may have heard career professionals talk about writing a self-assessment, but what is it, and why should you write one? A self-assessment is an evaluation of your skills, preferences, and values. It can be used to assess your career progress so far and to help you plan your goals for the future. It’s a […]

4 Tips for Navigating a Non-linear Career Path

We are living in the age of the “episodic career,” where the focus is less about reaching a specific long-term career goal and more about taking the opportunity to explore and grow as an individual. Many people in the workforce find that they want to try multiple industries before they settle down on a single […]

How To Develop a Long Term Relationship With a Recruiter

It’s no longer enough to hope the right recruiter will simply discover you. Instead, you must act strategically to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with a recruiter. Here are our best tips on how to develop recruiter relationships. Step #1: Do your research Before starting your search, think about the characteristics you’re looking for […]

How To Make Your Thank-You Email Stand Out After an Interview

Sending a thank-you note after an interview has always been an essential part of the job search process. However, 68% of hiring managers say that COVID-19 has made the contents of your note even more critical. Read on for our best advice to make your thank you note stand out from the crowd. Show your […]

5 Tips for Your Best Video Interview Yet

The job market may be transforming before our eyes but one thing is certain: Video interviews are here to stay. In fact, 58% of hiring managers say they plan to continue virtual interviews post-COVID. Although there are advantages to a virtual interview, there are significant changes that require extra thought and attention. Read along for […]

Updating Your Resume for the Modern Job Market

We all know that the world is changing faster than ever. As businesses focus on post-pandemic rebuilding, your resume is up against new technology, a crowded candidate pool, and overwhelmed talent acquisition professionals. Below are some of our best tips and tricks to help your resume match the modern market. The proof is in the […]

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