Proven Cybersecurity, IT Risk, and Privacy Leader

This featured candidate is a cybersecurity, risk management, and privacy leader who has successfully led these programs globally in multiple industry sectors! Please take a moment to review his professional summary:


  • Started in IT as a developer. Then spent 5+ years as an IT project manager responsible to launch IT departments for international startups.
  • Spent three years working in Brazil as an IT director expat.
  • He has been working for over 20 years leading information security programs serving as a CISO for seven larger companies.
  • He has been responsible for Privacy and OT security in multiple companies while leading InfoSec efforts.
  • Most recently, he has been focusing on leading governance, risk, compliance, and privacy efforts.


  • Knowledgeable in all areas of IT and Information Security due to leading these programs for multiple companies (although not deeply hands-on with these technologies).
  • The technology that he has been the most hands-on with recently is GRC systems.
  • He is currently certified as a OneTrust Fellow of Privacy Technology.

CAREER GOAL: Currently seeking a position that will allow him to make a real positive impact. He is driven by a role that challenges him and makes a real difference.
PREFERRED EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Open to all types of employment but would prefer a fulltime position.
PREFERRED LOCATION: Open to working in any location but would prefer a position that allows him to remain in the Greensboro, NC area. Working remotely or in a corporate office are both acceptable and he is comfortable traveling, if needed. He will also relocate for the right opportunity.

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