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Whether you’re backfilling an empty seat or expanding your team, the fact remains: Finding and hiring top talent for your organization is a huge undertaking. Defining your recruitment process and writing a job descriptions are only the beginning. It will take time to attract, engage, and interview highly-qualified applicants. Yet, time is simply a luxury you don’t have. You need to make a critical hire … and you need to do it fast!

The Stakes Are High

In today’s competitive job market, recruiting for any position can be a real challenge. You already have enough to manage; let alone advertising for a new role, proactively reaching out to potential candidates, reviewing applications, and conducting initial interviews. Even with the right systems and internal support, it’s incredibly easy to wind up back where you started. You simply can’t afford to take a gamble.

You Need A Winning Recruitment Process

From sourcing to screening, we’ve perfected the process of attracting, engaging, and hiring top-notch talent. Our recruitment process consists of seven phases designed to find and hire the nation’s most exceptional professionals, quickly and efficiently:

Phase 1 - Kickoff

We start by developing a thorough understanding of your position requirements and company culture. Together, we define the characteristics of a successful hire and use this information to create an ideal candidate profile that is used to guide the recruitment process from start to finish.

Phase 2 - Differentiate

To remain competitive in today’s labor market, it’s critical to create a compelling story that explains “why” employees should join your organization. We craft unique messaging that will be used to attract and engage top talent that aligns with your ideal candidate profile.

Our multi-pronged recruitment strategy is custom tailored to your search. We’ll identify the best approach and develop a roster of target candidates from a combination of the following channels:

  • Our large proprietary database of pre-vetted top candidates
  • Our existing talent network as a source of referrals only*
  • Our inhouse research team to maximize targeted outreach

*We will never recruit a candidate if they are currently employed with one of our current clients.

Phase 4 - Screen and Present

We personally interview all candidates to ensure they match your ideal profile. They will only be presented to you if:

  • They possess the requisite qualifications to fill the position
  • They align with your organizations culture and values

When a candidate is presented, you will also receive our professional assessment including: 

  • Why we believe the candidate is a potential fit
  • The specific value the candidate brings to the table
  • Compensation expectations and any potential areas of concern

After you’ve interviewed the candidate, we’ll communicate any necessary updates or next steps. We’ll even schedule follow-up interviews on your behalf, as needed.

Phase 5 - Refine

We’ll gather feedback from you regarding the candidates who have been presented and interviewed. We’ll also share pertinent insights from candidates to determine if there’s any need to adjust our approach. We’ll iterate and refine your search as necessary until you’ve identified the right hire!

Phase 6 - Seal the Deal

Once you’ve identified the right candidate, we’ll advise regarding any special considerations such as benefits, bonuses, paid time off, start date, remote work policy, and other conditions of employment. Our team will then partner with you to construct an offer that is most likely to be accepted.

Phase 7 - Post-hire

Our team places a great deal of emphasis on knowing that we’ve successfully filled your position. We’ll be touching base regularly to ensure your new hire is settling in well. This effort to sustain our relationships with you and the candidate is exactly why we have such an effective professional network and a strong track record of referrals and repeat business.

Let our team of tenured recruiters take the hassle out of hiring! Our networks are deep and we’ve been guiding employers through the recruitment process for over 20 years. The people business is our passion!

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