Accomplished Data Scientist

This featured candidate has more than four years of data science experience, along with dual master’s degrees, and a supplemental bootcamp diploma. Please take a moment to review his professional summary:


  • Used Python to investigate financial records and prevented $100M in corporate liability for a global heavy equipment manufacturer.
  • Has built numerous data pipelines and dashboards for various groups including product teams, accounting/finance, supply chain, and safety.


  • Technically proficient in python and SQL in a professional context.
  • Highly-skilled in R and Spark, along with other tools within the modern data science tech stack including AWS, Git, Azure DevOps, Tableau, PowerBI, Pandas, Numpy, and scikit-learn.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 4+ years of data science experience.
CAREER GOAL: Currently seeking a position with a greater exposure to machine learning and AI.
PREFERRED EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Prefers full-time, but open to contract roles as well.
PREFERRED LOCATION: Prefers New York or New Jersey, hybrid or remote, but open to on-site.

He has come to understand that the world runs on data which he enjoys playing with!

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