Senior Data Scientist

This featured candidate is a creative, senior data scientist able to understand the business, the tech, and what they both need! Please take a moment to review his professional summary:


  • With a breadth of experience across data teams and companies, he has worked in startups and industry leading tech companies to turn data into action.
  • He has created solutions for stakeholders across business, marketing, content, and finance.


  • Proficiencies include Python and SQL (data querying), cleaning, and manipulation.
  • He has queried and maintained billion record databases and built ETL pipelines that power key business metrics.¬†Highly experienced with NLP, LLM’s, and AI Development across the stack.
  • As a cross-functional collaboration expert, he can build pipelines, machine learning solutions, graph networks, run tests and experiments, and create dashboards, analyses, and reports.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 11 years of experience in the tech industry
CAREER GOAL: Currently seeking a senior-level position
PREFERRED EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Permanent or consulting
PREFERRED LOCATION: Remote or hybrid in New York City

He is known for being outgoing and friendly, and he loves meeting new people!

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