Data Warehouse Specialist

This featured candidate is a computer professional with 20+ years of experience who takes deadlines, and his reputation, very seriously! Please take a moment to review their professional summary:


  • He works until the job is completed, even if that means putting-in extra time or working on the weekends.
  • He focuses on positivity and lifting other team members to ensure day-to-day activities are pleasant.
  • He also watches videos and reads books on how to improve the workplace for everyone.
  • He is known for being calm, patient, and logical.


  • 20 years of SQL Server experience (both development and administration).
  • Recently completed a course in Azure technology (Azure Data Factory).
  • Extensive scripting and web development skills, with deep experience is in database development.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 20 years of experience as a computer programmer.
CAREER GOAL: Fulltime in a company where he can feel good about producing results and inspiring others.
PREFERRED LOCATION: Fully remote anywhere in New Jersey/New York.

His life experience has taken him on a journey of being happy, healthy, and wealthy. Positivity matters so much in the workspace that we tend to miss it’s importance. He is the first person to compliment another employee on emails where “C” level people are included. This truly helps morale and in the process you make a friend!

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