7 Job Hunting Tips to Help Get You Started

No one can argue with the phrase ‘preparation is key,’ especially when it comes to job hunting. Is it time to roll up your sleeves and dig deep into a new job search?

Start with these 7 important tips:

  1. Analyze your industry. Is the industry still viable for a long-term career? If the answer is no, take a hard look at other industries to determine which ones might be a better fit for your talent and passion in the future. Consider how rapid technological advancements might impact the future of the industry – will it excel, or will it be left behind? How can your skills transfer across business lines and market areas?
  2. Create a professional image. Your resume, appearance, job application and digital personal branding- including social networking profiles, and any other items that a potential employer will see must be outstanding and individualized. Stand out from the competition as the detailed and focused talent that you are! And remember: any visible opinion you share digitally can and will be used to assess you.
  3. Rethink your resume. Are measurable achievements listed or do you still have the same old list of positions and skills that you’ve always shown? Highlight your record of success to catch the attention of hiring employers, and make sure that you tailor your experience to a given opportunity. You want to relay your background for relevance and substance.
  4. Find a recruiter who fits your needs. Not every recruiter is right for every candidate; find those who are advertising for the types of positions you really want and ask for their insight about how to snag the job of your dreams. When you develop good relationships with specialized recruiters, they’ll remember you when the right job arises… and may even help support your search multiple times throughout your career.
  5. Network! You’ve heard it before, but it’s one of the keys to finding the position you seek. Do it online, in person, and aggressively — when people know you’re looking for a certain type of position, they’ll remember you when that position opens up. Networking extends your reach and hits those contacts most likely to interview and hire. Also, don’t just connect at an opportune time for you… be consistent in your professional relationships and it will payout in your favor.
  6. Target desired companies. If you know that Company X is a great place to work, then why not ask your professional recruiter to proactively market you there? Don’t be shy about asking for introductions through LinkedIn or other professional sites or from your personal contacts. A proactive approach can give you the competitive edge you need!
  7. Do something every single day. Treat your job hunt like a job and make an effort daily to find your new position. Email a new contact, refresh your resume and customize it for every single position that you apply to, and attend a networking event — do at least one thing every day to keep the momentum of your search moving forward. Apathy is your worst enemy in a job hunt!


Image via niekverlaan • Pixabay

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