Best Practices: The Job Search

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Over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve shared some of our team’s best tips when it comes to the job search – from tips for your mental state to advice on optimizing your LinkedIn profile. We’ve taken these nuggets and compiled them to create this useful guide on best practices for you to reference when you need it!


Managing your Job Search Process

  • View the search as a part-time job. Set time aside daily to keep moving forward – keep to a schedule!
  • Create a spreadsheet to keep track of companies you’ve applied to. This also helps in making sure you’ve followed up with companies in a timely manner
  • Create a list of target companies
  • See who you know at your target companies for introductions & recommendations (LinkedIn is a great resource for this)
  • Keep momentum going by setting daily goals


Maximizing your LinkedIn Profile

  • Update your profile with a well-lit headshot
    • Check out this video tutorial on how to shoot your own self-portrait for LinkedIn using just your phone
  • Use the right words for people to find you (keyword-rich)
  • Make your ‘about’ a strong summary of your experience
  • Ask for recommendations & endorsements
  • Distinguish yourself with an impactful headline
    • Need some inspiration? Check out this list of impactful headline examples


The Value of Networking

  • Reach out to your Linked In connections and let them know you are looking
    • Never done this before? Here are some further tips on tapping your LinkedIn connections for your next opportunity
  • Seek out opportunities to participate in networking events 
  • Help others within your network when you can 
  • Be active on Linked In; post, share, comment!
  • Volunteer, this is a great way to help but also grows your network


The Right Mindset

  • Watch your self-talk 
  • Be intentional about what you read, watch, and focus on
  • Be growth-minded and use this time to improve a skill or learn something new
  • Help someone else. Being others-focused gets our minds off our concerns
  • Remember self-care so you can put your best foot forward!

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