Is Voice Search Marketing Part of Your Digital Strategy?

voice search marketing
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The future is voice search marketing. We’ve heard it before, and we’ll continue to see it firsthand as consumers continue to increase their use of voice search technology. Smart speakers are expected to appear in 55% of U.S. households, which means the time is now to start integrating voice search marketing in to your digital strategy if you haven’t already. We’ve prepared a few helpful tips to ensure your website is ready to be heard in voice search results. 

Tip #1: Create Content That Supports Your Link-building Strategy

Link building is an SEO strategy that involves creating valuable content on your website to include shareable information in hopes to receive a backlink in return. A link-building strategy aims to provide interesting enough content that will compel others to share it in their own blog and social media posts. 

Receiving backlinks from reliable sources lets Google know your website is real and valuable. Not only do backlinks increase your website’s visibility, but also its domain authority score. Websites with a higher domain authority are more likely to rank in voice searches.  

Focus on creating content that supports your link-building strategy by sharing data and statistics, expert insights from your customer’s experience, and other insightful anecdotes that inspire your reader. Position yourself as an industry expert, but keep the language simple and factual.

Tip #2: Evaluate Your Content

In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to aim for an 8th-grade reading level when producing content. Keep the information straightforward, conversational, and readable to appeal to the masses. 

You can easily organize content to support your efforts by using bullets and numbered lists, as well as subheadings to break up information. Give Google a clear understanding of what your article is about and where the information is to give your page the best shot at ranking. You’ll get more eyes on your website by making industry-related content digestible for everyone.

More than 40% of all voice search results come from Google’s Featured Snippet section on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). If you can seamlessly insert FAQs throughout your article in a concise way, you’ll boost your chances of landing that zero position. To find the best questions to incorporate, scroll down to the “People also ask” section for a free keyword research tool. 

Focusing your efforts on local reach can help you generate faster results too. Research shows that voice searches on mobile devices are three times more likely to be locally-based than text searches. Spend time narrowing in on your main-focus keywords and then, when appropriate, add your location. Be sure to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to think about what they will be searching for to find your business. Search language involves phrases like “near me” and “in [city name]” so consider this when crafting content. 

Lastly, check your Google Business page to ensure it’s up-to-date. Missing or inaccurate information could result in missed search opportunities for your business. 

Tip #3: Track and Evaluate Your Efforts

The content you’re putting out should prioritize quality over quantity. Make sure the information you’re sharing solves a pain point, addresses a particular topic or fills a need for your audience. Google does not support or promote websites with SEO-stuffed, filler content, so keep this in mind while optimizing your strategy for voice search marketing. 

Once you’ve begun the optimization process, check  Google Search Console frequently to track progress. Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you access to the different queries people have used to find your website. 

While you can’t see which queries were from voice search specifically (because the technology does not yet exist), you can still learn about the number of searches, clicks, and impressions you received. Plus, if you’re keeping track of keywords and intentionally shifting your strategy to better appeal to voice search, you’ll be able to watch the rise of your more recent efforts.

Are you a digital or eComm professional with voice search marketing as part of your skillset? Or, an employer looking for a talented digital marketing professional? Either way, please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with our specialized digital marketing and eCommerce recruiting team. We’re here to help!

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