4 Ways To Overcome the Fear of Changing Jobs

fear of changing jobs
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Adapting to change is a critical life skill – and one that’s especially important to master when transitioning into a new workplace. While change can be exciting, it can also be intimidating, and learning to manage feelings of uncertainty can be challenging. That’s why we’ve prepared four tips to help you overcome the fear of changing jobs and ease into your new role!

Tip #1 – Acknowledge Your Fear of Changing Jobs

Whether you’re feeling anxious about leaving a job you’ve had for a long time, or you’re unsure about certain aspects of your new position: It’s imperative to take time to assess these doubts and jot down what’s making you feel this way. According to Forbes, there are two types of coping:

  • Escape coping refers to avoiding any feelings of discomfort and trying to pretend as if change doesn’t affect you.
  • Active coping is essentially the opposite. The goal is to address the feelings of fear head-on and work toward managing them.

If you’re having feelings of doubt, acknowledge those emotions head-on, but realize: You are in control! After all, your new employer would not have
extended an offer to someone they didn’t believe in. So, believe in yourself!

Tip #2 – Questions Are good! Ask Questions Often

Don’t worry about how others might interpret your questions. When entering a new workplace, you’ll likely need to ask lots of questions until the environment starts to become familiar. Until then, it’s in your best interest to ask any questions needed to feel comfortable in your new role.

If your current role is different from what you’re used to doing, or you’ve just relocated to a new place, direct your questions to the person responsible for overseeing your daily activities. This could be a manager or a co-worker who is training you. While it’s part of this individual’s job to help you get settled and up to speed, it’s just as important for you to show initiative by asking good questions.

Tip #3 – Immediately Focus on New Workplace Relationships

It’s always important to leave a positive impression and have memorable interactions with every coworker you come in contact with. However, it should be a top priority when starting a new role. Make it a point to leave a positive first impression and begin forming bonds with your new colleagues. The better your workplace relationships are, the more comfortable you will be asking questions while getting your feet underneath you.

By choosing to focus on developing relationships during your first couple of months on the job, you’re also setting yourself up for success down the road. People never forget how you make them feel. So, if you ever need to reference your network in the future, the work you’re putting in now will serve its purpose later.

Tip #4 – Help Others Who Are Also Experiencing Change

You’re not the only person who experiences a fear of changing jobs! In fact, there’s a good chance that someone else on your team is relatively new to the company, or the person who once had your role is now adapting to a new one. Try to take some attention off your own fears and direct it toward helping someone else. Not only will this allow you to actively cope, but it will help to further develop workplace relationships. You might be surprised how common your feelings are when you empathize with others who could be having a similar experience.

Most importantly, remember you don’t have to navigate a career change all by yourself! If you know it’s time for a new job, but have reservations about what that might look like – consider enlisting the support of a professional. For instance, the best recruiters will help introduce you to the right job opportunity, but they will also work closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful transition every step of the way. Not sure where to start your search? Read How To Develop a Long Term Relationship With a Recruiter for a few helpful tips!

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