Permanent Placement Services

Hustle, hire. Hustle, hire. Repeat!

It’s a Brave New World of Work

You’re not alone. These days, making a permanent hire can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Candidates have new expectations, the number of available jobs has skyrocketed, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Yet, the show must go on! You need access to top talent. You need to make a critical hire … and you need to do it fast.

The Silver Lining in the Candidate Cloud

To be successful in today’s competitive talent acquisition market, be prepared to put in twice the effort for half the candidates. Yet, while it may seem counterintuitive, now is actually a great time to find and hire top talent. Many skilled and talented professionals are reconsidering their career options and ready to make a change. You simply need to have what it takes to reach them! 

Maximize Your Coverage With Our Permanent Placement Services

Our team has been instrumental in leading successful permanent placement initiatives for over 20 years and counting! We specialize in finding and placing the best candidates in the most competitive markets. Our proven relationship-based process is simple, yet meaningful. We take the time to get to know you and your company culture. And, we provide valuable candidate and labor market insights so you’re able to make informed hiring decisions when it comes to your next hire – someone who will be with you for the long haul!

Industries Include



Health & Beauty

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Wholesale Distribution


And many others!

When it comes down to it, we’re all in the people business together. When you decide to partner with The Connors Group, your permanent placement goals become ours too. Our talent network is your talent network. We’re your strategic hiring partner and our interests are aligned!

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