HR Tips

Create an Engaging Onboarding Strategy

There is so much more to onboarding than just training a new hire; after all, it is described as a process. Read on to learn why the first 90 days, known as the ‘Probationary Period,’ are crucial to new employee onboarding. So, why should a hiring manager partake in onboarding rather than training sessions? For starters, an engaging onboarding process

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Build Your Image as a Great Employer

Because people are the foundation of your organization, creating an employer brand that will attract long-term employees who will add value to your organization and want to contribute to its success is crucial. When you work on your employer brand, you’ll want to consider things from the point of view of your current and prospective employees. How does your organization

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Attract High-Quality Employees

People are what makes a business successful. Most organizations spend considerable time and effort on product branding – from the color choices in a logo to the type of packaging for products, the perfect image evokes emotion to convince prospective buyers to shell out cash and persuades current clients to return for more. But when was the last time your

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