Build Your Image as a Great Employer

Because people are the foundation of your organization, creating an employer brand that will attract long-term employees who will add value to your organization and want to contribute to its success is crucial. When you work on your employer brand, you’ll want to consider things from the point of view of your current and prospective employees. How does your organization enable people to do what they love? To feel appreciated? To feel as if they are working toward something that meets their own personal values and goals?
At The Connors Group, we can help you build a consistent message to spark enthusiasm among potential employees for your company. We help you examine your organizational culture and recommend ways your company can be portrayed to the job market for maximum hiring power.
To get the word out to candidates about why they should join your organization, we’ll help you answer questions such as:
  1. Who is your company targeting?
  2. Why is your company different to work for?
  3. What makes someone successful in your organization?
  4. What does your company offer that an employee wants from an employer?
  5. What is it really like to work for your company?
  6. What type of management and leadership style do you encourage?
An employer brand is more than updating logos, creating cool collateral materials or coming up with the perfect tag line. It’s a long-term commitment to attracting and retaining the employees you want and need to make your business succeed!

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