Executive Search


In the minds of many, there are "The Big Three" firms in Executive Search, and that's it.

We beg to differ. Because there's also us.

Yes, like the big three we provide access to the same top tier executive level IT leaders, many of whom we have known not for months or weeks, but decades.

And like the big three we partner exclusively with our client, creating a recruiting strategy and terms of engagement.

But unlike them, we provide executive search level service at contingency speed. We leverage our existing network and add to it a target list of additional companies to contact. We manage the entire interview process and work closely with our client contact to assure the search is executed exactly as they wish.

And because we don't work solely at the executive level but in the trenches as well, we offer another unique advantage. We also know the people who report to the CIOs and VPs. So we know the reputations of the candidates—the ones whose staff will follow them anywhere and those whose reputations are less than stellar.

In Executive Search, a broader perspective is key to success and not simply gained through references.

That approach not only makes sense to us. Today, it's gaining favor with a lot of people. Because it works.