5 Tips for Conquering Fear

You can’t be successful in your job search if you’re ruled by fear. Here are 5 tips to help overcome that inner voice that may be holding you back:


  1. Determine what you will gain by making a change. If the outlook in your current field has been diminished by economic issues or technological disruption, a new occupation could put you in a much better position to weather a transforming market. Or maybe a new career is exactly what you need to finally check off a few of your business goals — more money, increased flexibility, a better shot at a higher position. No matter what your circumstance dictates, keep your perspective positive and you’ll find that the rewards will echo in your favor.
  2. Contingency Plan. Sometimes, it’s easy to stay put in a career or job that’s going nowhere because you feel as if you already know the worst that can happen. So, make it a point to counter those thoughts and consider… what’s really the worst thing that can happen to you if you make a move? Make a list, and then take a close look at it to review whether the unknown is really so horrible. Chances are, once it’s all laid out in front of you- that the good points will outweigh the bad.
  3. Think about how fulfilling your current position is. Are you bored to tears at the thought of going to work? If so, unfortunately the element of “challenge” might be vacant- or flat-out missing- from your current job. A career move might be just what you need to find the spark again in your chosen profession — and to find the challenge that inspires you will do numbers toward your motivation and confidence; improving your overall mentality by instilling a sense of purpose through productivity.
  4. Do your research. If you’re considering a specific company or a new field, start investigating the realities involved. Take a one-day-in-the-life perspective first… then move beyond the position nuisances and employer expectations to examine the impact this new job will have on your time and your focus in the long term. Beyond your specific role, be sure to scrutinize the employer as well – is the new company one in which people tend to stay put? How about the direction of the business… does it have the advantage of being positioned in a new field –one that’s booming or poised to boom? Having all the facts unveiled can often help alleviate fears.
  5. Create your plan. Outline the steps that you will need to take in order to land that new job or kick-start a new career. If you need continuing education, determine how long it will take and the resources available for you to obtain it. Before making a job move; will you need time off, or do you need to transition to a new area? When you jot down a strategy in writing, it often seems far more doable – measurably more feasible – than it does when it’s just floating around in your head. Simply building a solid plan is often the catalyst needed to make a change!


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