How To Make Your Thank-You Email Stand Out After an Interview

Sending a thank-you note after an interview has always been an essential part of the job search process. However, 68% of hiring managers say that COVID-19 has made the contents of your note even more critical. Read on for our best advice to make your thank you note stand out from the crowd.

Show your worth

During your interview, you’re sure to learn much more about the company than you could’ve gleaned from their website. Your thank-you note is a perfect opportunity to use what you’ve learned to demonstrate how you’ll add value to the company. Did your interviewer mention they’re planning to roll out a new marketing campaign? After some reflection, send over your thoughts on potential taglines or even a few mockups. If you show them your capabilities before you even have the job, your interviewer will excitedly imagine what you can do past day one. 

Fix any fumbles

It’s only natural to make occasional mistakes, especially in a high-pressure interview setting. If you did happen to slip up during your interview, take advantage of the chance to clear the air and clarify any misunderstandings. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you are not only detail-oriented and reflective but that making a solid personal impression is important to you. Your interviewers will appreciate that you were considering the interview long after you hung up the phone.

Make it personal

Nobody wants to be the recipient of a copy-and-paste email, even more so if they’ve just spent two hours reviewing your best spreadsheets. Take the time to write a personalized note to each person you interacted with, even if they just dropped in to listen for a few minutes. They’ll know that you don’t treat their interview process as “just another opportunity.” To really “up your game”, mention something that the two of you specifically talked about, whether it was KPI’s or the Chicago Cubs.

Consider company culture

While it’s important to think about what you want to accomplish in your thank-you note, it’s equally important to consider what your interviewer wants to receive. The style of your note is an opportunity to prove that you’re tuned in to the company’s culture and values. For example, if you’ve been chatting with a more traditional company, consider sending a handwritten note via snail mail in addition to your email. This sort of gesture is thoughtful, considerate, and indicates that you know how to adjust your communication style.

With these tips, you’re off to a great start. For more guidance navigating the interview process, be sure to consult an experienced recruiting professional. They can help make every part of your career search to the next level.

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