7 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time for a Job Search

Labor shortages are impacting every area of our country but many professionals are hesitant to leave their current positions. Yet, job opportunities have never been more plentiful. Here are seven reasons why now is the perfect time for a job search!

Reason #1: More jobs to choose from

Despite job-seeking hesitancy, job vacancies themselves are at an all-time high. NBC showcased a ZipRecruiter report that showed 15 million job vacancies in March alone. That’s an increase of around 11 million compared to May of last year when many citizens were sheltering in place.

However, the lack of jobs last year continues to have a negative impact on job seekers today. They remember sending off so many applications, only for them to be rejected or lost entirely in the flood of submissions. If you gain the confidence to throw your hat into the ring, rest assured that you’ll probably be rewarded.

Reason #2: More remote opportunities

Employers have reconsidered how they handle work-from-home practices. Several companies have permanently transitioned their staff to work exclusively from home. And, companies have discovered that this hasn’t negatively impacted employee performance. In fact, it can actually encourage employees to use their time more efficiently. 

There is no indication of remote work subsiding any time soon. Not to mention, job seekers are in favor of working from home. According to a new Prudential survey, even after the pandemic ends 87% of Americans said they would prefer to work from home at least one day a week. Another 68% also showed interest in switching to a hybrid workplace model.

Reason #3: Heavier focus on work-life balance

Many employees have realized they can’t take their personal lives for granted. Whereas, in previous years, working onsite had the potential to caused many people to miss out on important events or lacked in the ability to have a flexible schedule. Job seekers now realize that a career that requires too much of their personal time can have a negative impact. According to a Joblist survey, 30% of workers would sacrifice their pay for more time at home.

Reason #4: Company culture is improving

Forbes indicates that company leaders are more focused than ever on creating comfortable environments for their workers. You may have already discovered that your company’s values don’t align with yours. With so many opportunities available now, it’s easier to find a workplace that will respect your needs. When you feel confident in a company’s culture, it allows you to perform your duties with efficiency and enthusiasm.

Reason #5: Employee benefits are crucial

Forbes also notes that more workers are switching careers in search of better benefits. And, the Prudential survey also concluded that 75% of workers use benefits as the deciding factor when considering leaving a position. This can pertain to remote work days, flexible schedules, and health benefits.

40% of workers also said they would definitely leave their job for a company with more benefits. They want paid medical leave, healthcare, retirement funds, and life insurance plans. Job seekers are also more inclined to seek out companies that offer extensive benefits to both full-time and part-time workers.

Reason #6: Salary negotiations are easier

Negotiating your salary remains one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to face in your professional career. For example, you may see a posted salary on a job listing and believe your skill level requires more compensation. However, you’re also in dire need of employment and don’t want to miss an opportunity.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to be properly paid in 2021. According to SHRM, almost 90% of businesses said they would be open to negotiating the salary of new employees for certain tasks. Moreover, 42% were open to the idea of discussing bonuses.

Reason #7: Employer challenges mean opportunity

All the unexpected challenges that arose last year have really taken a toll on the nation’s workforce. According to ScienceDaily, over 59% of employees experienced stress due to low salaries, little advancement opportunities, and long hours in 2020. One in three hospitality workers said they felt fed up with work at least once a month.

Others have stated they have little desire to focus, aren’t motivated to do their jobs, and feel emotionally exhausted. Nobody should have to feel that way at work, especially in essential industries like retail and healthcare. Switching to a job with better working conditions can alleviate some of that stress and make you excited about working again.

Even when you know it’s time for a career change, the process of job searching can be a challenge. If you’re not sure where to begin or would like support in your next career search, consider partnering with a professional recruiter. Take time to select the right recruiter for you and explore new jobs when you see them. Who knows? Your next career opportunity could be hiding right around the corner.

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