3 Reasons To Reconsider Your Career Options

Staying in a position that is no longer fulfilling can be a huge detriment to your mental and physical health, let alone your career. Here are three signs it could be time to reconsider your current job.

Reason #1: Appreciation has become overlooked

In a study highlighted by Forbes, 66% of employees said they would leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. That percentage was even higher for the millennial workforce, up to 76%. Shockingly, 54% of senior managers also chimed in and said it was common for employees to leave due to this reason.

It’s not really reasonable to expect a thank you for every small task you complete, but receiving no recognition can begin to make every task feel like a chore. If you’re confident that your contributions are going unnoticed, consider meeting with your manager to review your weekly accomplishments. If the meeting goes poorly or doesn’t happen at all, it may be time to look for an opportunity where you’ll feel more valued.

Reason #2: Lacking a clear career path forward

The longer you stay with one company, the more your boss will trust you, possibly resulting in them asking you to take on some extra responsibilities. While it should generally be taken in stride, these tasks shouldn’t take up the majority of your workday, or cause you to work far beyond your workday. It’s okay if you’re asked to help with occasional requests, but it shouldn’t turn into a new position without the new title or compensation. 

If your manager asks you to pick up more work than usual for a sustained amount of time, but they don’t take any action to see that you’re compensated for it, it may be a sign that the company doesn’t respect their employees’ time and energy. 

If you find yourself in this situation, ask your manager for a raise or promotion. You can also politely turn your colleagues down if they try to pass on an unreasonable amount of tasks. If your wishes aren’t respected, consider finding a job at a company that has different expectations of you.

Reason #3: Limited time available to recharge

It’s not uncommon for overworked employees to become burned out over time. In one Kronos report, 95% of HR managers reported that burnout was one of the leading causes of high turnover rates. This commonly happens when an employee takes on more responsibilities than they can handle.

Even when you finally get a day off, do you feel as though you can’t relax because the work is just going to pile up? Everyone deserves and needs a break. If you’re already burned out, it can be frustrating when your manager begs you to work your scheduled days off. Obviously, there are exceptions if your team is short-staffed or your coworker is in a real pinch – especially if you’re in a leadership or executive role – but if you’re unable to enjoy your time off, it’s difficult to remain focused and productive.  It may be worth your time to look for a new position that better meets your work/life balance goals.

Deciding to leave your current job is never easy, especially when you haven’t even started your search. However, here are 7 Reasons Why Now Is a Great Time for a Career Search that might help with your decision. Don’t forget to enlist the support of friends, family, and mentors, along with experienced professionals who can provide an objective opinion regarding your situation.

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