Why Recruiters Are Your Key To Successful Interviewing

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Preparing for a job interview is a lot easier when you have professional support. You know you’re the best at what you do! However, your career experience and accomplishments will only move you so far along in any interview process. There are specific interview skills you must possess to be seriously considered for a position. Here’s why recruiters are your key to successful interviewing! …

1) Firsthand Insights

It’s imperative to do your research before interviewing with a company. Interviewers can tell when you’ve made a concerted effort to understand their business, the team, and what the job entails. However, it can be challenging to find reliable information all by yourself without making assumptions to a certain degree.

Recruiters are dependable sources of primary information. They have firsthand knowledge of the company, the culture, and the job expectations. Not to mention, they can help provide a sense of the specific types of questions you might be asked in an interview. For example:

  • What made you want to apply for this position? 
  • Why do you want to work for this company? 
  • Do you have any ideas for how we can improve our current practices? 

When questions like these arise, you’ll want to be prepared with clear, concise, well-constructed answers. Since a recruiter is intimately familiar with the company they represent, they’re able to provide valuable insights and direction on how to formulate the best responses. They’re able to verify what’s most important to the interviewer and ensure your answers are cohesively aligned with the interests of the company.

2) Professional Positioning

You’ve given careful consideration to how you’re portrayed as a professional. However, it’s not always easy to discern how professional experiences will actually be perceived by others. Learning to sell your achievements in an interview is not about having an updated resume. It’s about: 

  • Becoming familiar with what matters most to the interviewer, 
  • And clearly communicating how your previous accomplishments have equipped you to help their team achieve its company goals.  

Recruiters will work to understand your career goals and accomplishments. They’re deeply familiar with the position requirements and company goals. Therefore, a skilled recruiter will help prepare you for an interview by pinpointing specific elements of your background that should be highlighted.

3) Roleplaying and Negotiating

Successful interviewing is not about anticipating every single question. Regardless of how much you prepare, you will inevitably encounter an interview question that just wasn’t expected. Perhaps it’s a situational question or maybe an emotional intelligence question that’s unique to the company. Either way, the only way to prepare for these situations is to practice: Not what to say, but how to respond.

An experienced recruiter will provide you with an opportunity to practice, or roleplay, in a controlled environment before your interview takes place. They, themselves are skilled in asking tough questions … and they are in the perfect position to coach you on how to best navigate the unpredictable.

It’s also not uncommon that a question will lead to a negotiation. Know that you could find yourself in the middle of a conversation about flexible work hours, your start date, relocation costs, or even salary expectations. A professional recruiter will help you understand any potential limitations surrounding these topics beforehand. They will also act as an experienced intermediary to negotiate a win-win for all parties concerned.

4) Filling the Gaps

When preparing for your interview, you will encounter holes in your research or questions you’d like to ask for your own peace of mind. Some companies see it as a red flag if the interviewee doesn’t ask questions. It signals that you aren’t engaged or interested in having a meaningful dialogue about the position. However, asking the wrong types of questions can have the same effect. 

A professional recruiter will help you determine the most relevant questions and steer you on when to ask them. They will provide foresight on what types of answers you can likely expect so you’re able to prepare follow-up questions in advance. There’s also a solid chance they already have answers to some of your questions, potentially eliminating the need to ask certain questions in the first place. 

5) Overall Increased Confidence

Confidence is a key factor in successfully conquering any interview. There’s a big difference between appearing confident and actually feeling confident. And, it’s not really possible to feel confident without taking the necessary steps to prepare. You may be the most qualified candidate for the position but if you aren’t confident in your understanding of the company, team, and position … it will show. 

An experienced recruiter will prepare for an interview by taking the steps above. However, a truly professional recruiter will be committed to your success. They will take additional steps to support you throughout the process and bolster your confidence. They also do their best to eliminate unnecessary pressure and remind you that successful interviewing is a two-way street. You may realize the position isn’t a great fit for you right now. And, the best recruiters will reassure you that if that happens – it will be okay. They are vested in building a long-term relationship with their candidates’ best interests at heart.

For more practical advice on successful interviewing and how to partner with a recruiting professional, we recommend reading How To Develop a Long Term Relationship With a Recruiter. Conversely, if you’re ready to start your job search, please explore our current openings and feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help and we would love to discuss your career goals!

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