5 Ways To Change Your Marketing Career Path

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Marketing is a multi-faceted industry with endless opportunities for career growth. As a 475+ billion dollar industry, it’s no surprise that marketers often have different roles in different departments during their careers. If you feel you’ve achieved the highest success in your position or are ready to explore a new marketing career path, you’re in the right industry! Here are a few great tips to make the shift.

Types of Marketing Career Paths

Fortunately, marketing is an industry where your skills can be easily utilized and transferred across roles. Modern marketers are known for wearing many hats and working closely with other departments. 

If you’re thinking about exploring a different marketing career path, here are a few types you might consider: 

  • Product Marketing: Spend time learning about a target audience’s needs and desires and translate that information into the customer experience for a brand. 
  • Marketing Analysis: Crunch numbers and analyze company data to determine if the strategy across all mediums is working effectively. 
  • eCommerce: Organize and oversee all website transitions to ensure that product descriptions, links, and visuals are working cohesively together. 
  • Email Marketing: Curate engaging email campaigns and automation sequences to connect with readers and increase website traffic. 

Step 1) Write Down the Tasks You Enjoy Doing

Consider the tasks you enjoy working on in your current marketing role. Then, think about the other types of sectors in the marketing industry that interest you. Write down your answers and look for patterns in your interests that may lead you to a particular career path. 

While jumping to an entirely different career path in marketing might be ambitious, skills can be taught. Passion and attitude will produce meaningful results in the long run and will land you the right type of job if communicated effectively. 

Step 2) Determine if You Prefer an Agency or In-house Role

The ultimate question for marketers is whether they prefer to work in-house or for an agency. An agency role allows marketers to work with a wide variety of clientele simultaneously– and sometimes in various industries. An in-house role allows marketers to be hands-on with one brand and oversee more aspects of the marketing process. 

Both agency and in-house roles have their pros and cons. The decision ultimately depends on your work ethic, working style, career goals, and personal interests. 

Step 3) Identify Gaps in Your Skillset

If you don’t yet have what it takes to make the career change you’re interested in, identify the skills you need to get there. Are there online courses you can take? Exercises you can practice on the weekend? Check LinkedIn job listings to see the qualifications for some of the existing roles on the job market. 

We recommend starting with free resources, like HubSpot and LinkedIn Learning, to grow your toolbox. Volunteer to take on additional work responsibilities that align with your career goals, and ask to shadow someone in the department you’re interested in. 

Step 4) Look for Internal and External Opportunities

If you have a certain marketing role in mind, the opportunity might be closer than you think. Moving up within your current organization could be ideal if it’s a company you enjoy working for. Don’t be afraid to discuss your career goals with your manager. 

If switching companies is at the top of your priorities, leverage your network and let people know the kind of role you’re looking for. You never know when an opportunity will arise. Spend time every day connecting on LinkedIn and browsing listings for that ideal role. 

Step 5) Partner With a Recruiter

Not only are recruiters notified when certain positions open up before they hit the market, but they can also do the searching for you. Partnering with a trusted recruiting firm that specializes in marketing-based roles can be incredibly beneficial during your career shift. They can provide invaluable insight into the market, the salary expectations, the skills required, and positive company cultures. 

Paying to list a position online and manage the listing is expensive for employers. Sometimes, they choose to utilize the hidden job market instead of publicly posting a job online to expedite the process and avoid wasting time. Read the 2 Easy Ways to Access the Hidden Job Market for more information. We’d hate for you to miss out on that next best opportunity for your career path. Let us know if we can help you prepare for your next move!

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