5 Essential HR Recruitment Strategies for 2023

HR Recruitment Strategies

It’s the perfect time of year for hiring managers and human resources (HR) teams to look back and leap forward! As we enter 2023, we’re optimistic about the job market. Even amid economic concerns and tech layoffs, many employers are still competing for the best candidates. Consider implementing these essential HR recruitment strategies to find and hire top talent!

1) Leverage Employee Referrals

This is one of the best ways to find qualified candidates who are also a great cultural fit. Yet, many companies offer little or no incentive in return for candidate referrals from employees. According to a 2016 SHRM benchmarking survey, an employee candidate referral program is one of the most effective HR recruitment strategies, regardless of company size. Incentivizing employees to spread the word about your current job openings creates an incredibly powerful buzz for your employer brand. Plus, it’s a personal endorsement from someone the candidate already likes, knows, and trusts!

2) Explore New Technology

Talent acquisition is an inherently human, relationship-driven aspect of your business. However, there’s still a way to balance technology without losing the human touch. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can eliminate manual tasks such as tracking, measuring, and optimizing your HR recruitment strategies. And, predictive analytics can be used to enhance your recruitment processes by improving accuracy in job candidate matches. If done thoughtfully, building these types of tools into your tech stack can lower cost-per-hire without impacting the human experience.

3) Reduce Friction in the Application Process

According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), poorly designed online applicant tracking systems (ATSs) can result in huge losses for companies. About 60% of all job seekers abandon complex forms. However, employers can reduce the length of application time to 5 minutes or less and increase completion rates by more than 300%. Consider submitting a test resume through your own ATS if you haven’t done so in a long time. Technology changes fast so test your application process in both desktop and mobile environments.

4) Engage New Demographics

One of the easiest ways to expand your candidate pool is to consider re-evaluating the geographic locations where job listings are posted. However, this is a challenge if your opening has an onsite or hybrid requirement. Consider engaging a new demographic. For example, the talent pool is teeming with highly skilled candidates who aren’t part of a nine-to-five demographic. This includes semi-retired professionals who are starting an encore career and want to apply their skillset in a new way. It also includes talented stay-at-home mothers and fathers who seek a little flexibility while having the opportunity to continue a career.

5) Find A Clone … Or At Least A Great Partner!

Add more boots on the ground. Divide and conquer. Is there another department head that has a stake in filling your open role? If not, have you considered enlisting help from an outside contingency recruiting firm? Consider doing both! Finding the right type of support is often the quickest and least resistant path to creating a successful hiring outcome. This is even more important if the position requires a highly-specialized IT, digital marketing/ecomm, or supply chain skillset. 

Read 5 Recruitment Strategies for Hard-to-Fill Positions for additional insights, or reach out to our team of savvy recruiters. The Connors Group is a contingency recruiting agency and our tenured recruiting professionals specialize in IT, digital marketing, eCommerce, and supply chain talent acquisition. We would love to discuss your position requirements and help defeat your empty seat!

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