VP of Operations


This particular organization is a leading apparel manufacturing company and has been our client for over six years. In fact, we helped them place their first CIO they ever needed in 2017 and we’ve placed 46 professionals with them to date including their head of digital marketing, HR, customer service, several IT roles, and many others.

Most recently, the CEO reached out directly to our team for assistance in finding a senior level operator/contractor to help support their new distribution center that had recently gone online. Needed a resource to engineer a manual pick and pack solution due to the delay of a fully automated fulfillment system in their new distribution center that recently gone online.


It had been mentioned that perhaps the contract role had potential to become a permanent position. We developed a strategy and created an ideal candidate profile so we could source the exact right type of candidate. Our objective was to give our client the ability to hire a contractor with the flexibility to grow into a permanent future role.

We delivered several contractors to their desk and they began working with one of them almost immediately: A specialist and expert at helping fast-growing retail companies scale quickly and with minimal capital investment. He was able to do two important things simultaneously: 1) immediately make tactical improvements in operational flow management to realize material productivity, capacity and throughput gains (“change the tires on the car as it is running down the road”); and 2) help to position teams and operations for more strategic improvements related to larger-scale processes or technological programs.

They were so happy with our candidate that within 2 weeks they extended him a full-time permanent offer!

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