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Our client, a diverse and financially sound company offering a wide range of housing and health care options to senior citizens, needed to conduct a CIO search for an executive who was preparing to retire after successfully managing the company’s information technology systems for several years.


We had a long-track record of partnering with the client along with intimate knowledge of their business and hiring needs. However, there was an urgent need to backfill the CIO role due to the fact that the current CIO wanted to retire within 90 days. Our team was able to develop a recruitment strategy that supported their ultimate goal: Finding and hiring an experience and qualified professional who could work at the highest systems level to provide expert advice and counsel to customers and IT staff for systems of the most complex nature. AND, evaluate and assimilate new technologies and develop department standard practices.

We presented 10 candidates. They were able to conduct 9 interviews over a period of roughly one month to compare several different candidates. They ultimately selected the very first candidate we recommended and they’ve been happy ever since.

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