New Executives for Growing Leadership Team

This client was a well capitalized start-up in an industry that was poised for innovative solutions in temperature-controlled third party logistics (3PLs).

Their CEO reached out to our CEO, Jackie Connors, on LinkedIn to explore how our team could help support the hiring needs for their growing organization back in September, 2021. There were five people on their team initially. However, they needed assistance filling out the rest of their executive leadership team which included requirements for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and head of Human Resources (HR).

CTO Requirements

  • An experienced technology professional who could lead their Information Technology (IT) initiatives including the ability to quickly evaluate software providers, build out a team, lead software selection and implementation, and oversee all of their technology initiatives. This ultimately included software, integration, infrastructure, and security.
  • Extensive background in eCommerce, business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-consumer (B2C), with experience managing high-volume SKU’s. Additionally, they needed this professional to have warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation expertise, since they would be working with a combination of existing tools; both, off the shelf in addition to building from scratch.
  • The ability to build anything and bring a fresh perspective including an improved customer experience, ideally with a previous history working in a start-up environment with smaller companies where they had built from the ground-up. And, a strong background in customer facing software and application development and has worked with outsourced teams to develop products.

HR Requirements

  • The training programs would be designed by IT and external consultants to ensure consistency across the organization and comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training materials. However, they needed a professional who could bring material knowledge of implementing the new technology systems and driving adaption within teams.
  • An experienced HR leader with an appetite for moving away from a mature corporate culture into a start-up environment and building from scratch, with the desire and interest in rolling up their sleeves and “digging-in”.
  • A certain level of comfort with travel in the first few years while the foundation is being set to accommodate demands at multiple facilities and locations along with the needs of a diverse labor force (union, non-union, corporate, and warehouse).


Our team started by developing an ideal candidate profile (persona) so that we knew exactly what type of candidates to deliver. We knew our client was searching for candidates who could ideally work a hybrid schedule from a new facility located in Atlanta, GA. This also included a summary of the specific skills, qualifications, and characteristics that were important for their new executive leaders to possess.

We built a very targeted, location specific search. We started our CIO search immediately and submitted FIVE incredibly qualified candidates within three weeks, one of which was a referral that resulted from leveraging our existing networks. They interviewed four out of the five candidates, identified two finalists, and hired their new CIO four weeks later.

After revisiting our discussions surrounding their head of HR requirements, we started searching two weeks later. We submitted nine candidates within five weeks. Our client interviewed five of them, narrowed it down to two, and hired their new head of HR seven weeks later.

We followed up with them afterwards to find the client was extremely pleased with both of their new executives, stating “they are hitting it out of the park”. Both the CIO and HR leaders are still a critical part of our client’s organization. We remain in close touch with their CEO and our team is still considered their “go-to” recruiting partner when additional support is needed.

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