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6 Interview Strategies To Keep Your Candidates Engaged

Evaluating whether a candidate is qualified for a position can take weeks or months. In fact, the average hiring process takes around 43 days and involves conducting multiple rounds of interviews. Yet, according to the PwC Future of Recruiting Survey, “Sixty percent of candidates said the hiring process should take less than a month from the time they submit an

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Your Guide To Sharing Post-Interview Feedback

Your Guide To Sharing Post-Interview Feedback With Candidates

One of the single most important steps in the hiring process is providing all candidates with post-interview feedback even if you’ve decided against hiring them right now. Why? Preparing and sharing post-interview feedback reinforces your positive reputation as an employer and strengthens long-term relationships with job seekers. It also creates an opportunity for candidates to share their perspectives on your

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HR Recruitment Strategies

5 Essential HR Recruitment Strategies for 2023

It’s the perfect time of year for hiring managers and human resources (HR) teams to look back and leap forward! As we enter 2023, we’re optimistic about the job market. Even amid economic concerns and tech layoffs, many employers are still competing for the best candidates. Consider implementing these essential HR recruitment strategies to find and hire top talent! 1)

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best employee onboarding practices

5 Best Employee Onboarding Practices to Prevent New Hire Fallout

Candidates have been known to disappear even after they’ve accepted an offer and agreed to start on a specific date. In fact, a study by Indeed cites that in 2019 alone, 22% of new hires accepted a job offer but didn’t show up for their first day of work–oftentimes with little or no communication. So, how can businesses avoid getting

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digital workforce transformation

The Future of Digital Workforce Transformation

As important as it is for businesses to adapt to technological changes, it’s also important to grow your team with people who understand the landscape. Whether your team needs to be upskilled, restructured, or rebuilt, we’re sharing a few key roles to help drive successful digital workforce transformation outcomes.  Now more than ever, businesses are forced to adapt to the

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Is Your Non-compete Agreement Enforceable?

Non-compete agreements are designed to help business owners prevent unfair competition between current and former employees for a certain period of time. According to The University of Chicago Press Journals, “approximately 18 percent of labor force participants are bound by noncompetes, with 38 percent having agreed to at least one in the past.” However, simply having a signed document in

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employee focused culture

5 Ways To Create an Employee Focused Culture and Reduce Turnover

Nearly 52% of new hires who have been at their job for three months or less are looking to leave. The figure jumps to nearly 60% for employees in the 3-6 month phase. These numbers underscore the importance of creating an employee-focused culture. Here are five ways to maximize employee engagement and reduce turnover! Tip #1 – Create Loyalty Incentives

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What’s the Real Difference Between Onboarding and Orientation?

You may be asking: What’s the difference between onboarding and orientation? While the terms “employee orientation” and “employee onboarding” are often used interchangeably, there are some important distinctions to be made between the two. In fact, both initiatives are critical in creating a positive candidate experience with a new hire. Here’s the difference between the two and why it’s important

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How To Optimize Your Job Interview Process

Today’s labor pool is teeming with talent; however, the best candidates are often evaluating multiple job opportunities at the same time. The last thing you want is to lose a qualified candidate’s interest after all the time and effort you’ve invested into attracting and engaging them. To remain competitive, it’s critical to reduce candidate churn and quickly convert top talent

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prevent employee burnout

How To Prevent Employee Burnout

Employees are overwhelmed. Managers are overwhelmed. And, businesses are being pushed to the brink. Stress, fatigue, and employee burnout have become common in the workplace. In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed in early 2022 that “nearly 3 in 5 employees reported negative impacts of work-related stress, including lack of interest, motivation, or energy (26%) and lack of effort

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