Preparation, The Key To Interview Success

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Too often we see candidates who are highly qualified being passed over because of a lack of interview skills or preparation. Below are 5 key points to help you PREPARE for your next interview.

  1. Research the company, opportunity, and people you are meeting with. In today’s digital age, there is an expectation that you have done this and nothing can make the interview go south more quickly than having no knowledge of the company or opportunity you are interviewing for.


  1. Bring clean copies of your resume and have extras in case anyone new is added to the agenda. Be sure to be thorough with proofreading so there are no spelling or grammatical errors.


  1. Bring a folio and pen for note-taking. Have a list of 3 questions prepared in advance for each person you will meet with as well as a list of 3-5 highlights about your accomplishments you wish to convey to the people you are meeting with about your ability to add value to the organization and team.


  1. Dress for an interview. Although many people believe this to be obvious, it is not always the case! Even though many companies are business casual these days… unless you are specifically asked to dress that way you should dress professionally.


  1. Express your Interest! This is often overlooked but can be the one thing that sets you apart from your competition. Ask if there is anything else you can answer about your ability to be successful in the role. Let them know you look forward to the next steps and are eager to be part of the team.


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