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Common Interview Questions

Below are standard interview questions and recommended response parameters for you to exercise before your onsite meeting: Common Interview Question #1: “What can you tell me about yourself?” The answer should directly address the concerns and fit the objectives of the prospective employer; You want to be “selling” what the company is “buying.” Spend more time highlighting professional accomplishments, not

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Preparation, The Key To Interview Success

Too often we see candidates who are highly qualified being passed over because of a lack of interview skills or preparation. Below are 5 key points to help you PREPARE for your next interview. Research the company, opportunity, and people you are meeting with. In today’s digital age, there is an expectation that you have done this and nothing can

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing

Before the Interview: DO speak with your Recruiter to prepare for the interview and obtain insight into the hiring process. DON’T skip the necessary step of proactively researching the company on your own. DO dress conservatively; aim for business attire. When unsure; always dress up rather than dress down. DON’T underestimate the impact of a sincere smile and friendly hello

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How Gestures Speak Louder Than Words

The tired and true saying “a picture paints a thousand words” is certainly relevant for the active job seeker. Hand placement, posture, and eye movement are subtle but powerful indications of interest and self-esteem that are often overlooked in preparation. Whether delivered in person or through a video interview; your visual impression provides context associated with your name in vital

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5 Tips for Conquering Fear

You can’t be successful in your job search if you’re ruled by fear. Here are 5 tips to help overcome that inner voice that may be holding you back:   Determine what you will gain by making a change. If the outlook in your current field has been diminished by economic issues or technological disruption, a new occupation could put you

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Interview Practice Makes Perfect

There’s nothing else quite like the pressure of interviewing for your dream position. You know you can do the job; it’s just a matter of helping the interviewers understand your skills and passion. Selling yourself is the best way to get the job you want but, unfortunately, that sales approach is often lacking when even the best candidate sits in

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Resume Tips to Reformat Success

There are thousands of articles out there with tips and tricks on how to master your resume. There are hundreds of templates on the Internet you can download – some better than others – some with distinct enough formatting to be recognized at first glance. Despite the infinite number of digital resources accessible for job seekers, there are a dozen

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