6 Signs a Company Is Well Managed

Signs a Company Is Well Managed

It’s often difficult to evaluate a company’s culture from the outside looking in. You can never be certain about what it’s like to work somewhere until you’re on the inside. Obviously, there are red flags to be aware of. However, there are also several positive signs a company is well managed. Take the following characteristics into consideration!

1) Employees Tend To Stay Long Term

An article by G2 states that nearly 50% of employees voluntarily leave in the first two years of employment. With that statistic in mind, a company that continues to retain talent year after year must be doing something right. 

Check LinkedIn to look for signs a company is well managed. See how long employees have been with a company and also working in their roles. This exercise could give you insight into how often promotions occur and the hierarchy of positions available.

If an organization has a team of professionals that have been working together for a while, it’s a green flag. Typically, it means the employees are treated well, the culture is strong, and the compensation is fair. 

2) There Are Processes and Systems in Place

According to market research from IDC, companies lose around 20 to 30 percent in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. And revenue loss can often contribute to employee turnover. A process-driven organization understands the importance of having systems in place – for the success of the company – but also for the overall happiness of its employees. Organization from the top leads to well-oiled, productive, and satisfied teams across the company. 

3) The Management Team Speaks Highly of Their Jobs

The ultimate red flag is walking into a job interview and hearing management speaking indifferently about the organization. On the contrary, hearing the management team speaking highly of their jobs and the company they work for is another positive sign.

In a work environment, you want to surround yourself with people who feel fulfilled with what they do. A happy, positive team will produce better results and make the work more enjoyable. Consider it a green flag if the management team contributes the same sentiment. 

4) Ideas and Suggestions Are Welcome

A quote from Forbes reads, “Employees who feel heard are more likely to feel empowered and perform better at work.” Don’t you agree? 

A company that cares about your contributions and growth within the organization will encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions. Two heads are always better than one when it comes to growing and scaling a business. Search for companies that are likely to value your input and the knowledge you bring to the table. 

5) Managers Focus On Positive Outcomes

Some managers get hung up on the small things, and others focus on the big picture. A well-managed company fosters a healthy and positive work environment. Its leaders will focus on your long-term contributions, rather than getting mired down in the details of your daily activities.

Micro-managing is a red flag, but not all managers are guilty of this problem. Find a company that has clear benchmarks for performance. Ask about key performance indicators (KPIs) and look for companies that embrace set objectives and key results (OKRs).

6) The Company Doesn’t Overvalue Vanity Metrics

It can be easy for company leaders only to see numbers – website views, social media followers, ad clicks, etc. Some of these numbers, however, are vanity metrics that don’t correlate with the actual growth or success of the organization at large. 

A well-managed company cares more about the professional development of its employees, the total contribution to the team, and the impact they’re making in the industry. When employees are given the support they need, the team will reach levels of peak performance. Search for companies that have clear goals set for developing their people. 

Luckily, a recruiter’s job is to help provide candid company insights. The right recruiting partner can help provide guidance in these six areas before and during the interview process. Learn more about Why Recruiters Are Your Key To Successful Interview Preparation!

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